‘Curry king’

18 October, 2009

Add ‘curry king’ to my resume.

Saturdays, I am ‘pizza dude’.

Now, my garam masala and garlic blend add a kick to Sunday nights.


National Poetry Day

8 October, 2009

every amateur struggles
for scan,
meaning and…


festival of rhyme (?)
marked by twittering middle earth…


put that
in your iambic pentameter.


13 September, 2009

Abscesses do not make heart grow fonder.

Contrarily, they deliver pain, discomfort and, in some cases, surgery.

This pus is rather unfluffy and uncute.

I’m in stitches

28 August, 2009

09 08 28_hospital_band

Consent form: “drug and knife me.”

Enema nurse: “I can’t find a way in.”

Anaesthetist’s needle: “Let’s add to the landfill.”

I’m in stitches.

On facing a minor operation

26 August, 2009

No liquid three hours before. After, a day free of alcohol.

“I’d like a good look around.”

Bring slippers, gown and a good book.

In reply

9 July, 2009

Games from the left coast drag into the wee hours.

You may find answers at the glass bottom, but have you forgotten the questions?

Just right

8 July, 2009

Too cold: I’ll walk on the sunny side of the street.

Shady pavements beckon if it’s too hot.

Just right: I get run over.